Royal Case Lube 5 oz Aerosol Can

Royal Case Lube 5 oz Aerosol Can
Product Code: Royal Case & Die Lube 5 oz Aerosol Can
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Royal Case Lube has been designed to provide maximum case lubrication without being gummy or tacky.  In our testing we found that of all available products on the market Royal Case & Die Lube was the easiest case lubricating product and it smelled the nicest.

Royal Case & Die Lube will protect all metal parts (both dies and cases) against corrosion and rust.
Royal Case & Die Lube is totally safe for use and non-toxic.
Royal Case & Die Lube is non gumming.
Royal Case & Die Lube wipes clean off cases leaving no tacky residue.
Royal Case & Die Lube cannot gum or leave behind solids that de-activate primers.
Royal Case & Die Lube with it's high degree of lubricity makes even the roughest job of case forming an absolute dream.


Royal Case & Die Lube must be shipped UPS only.

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