Dillon 1050 bearing kit

Dillon 1050 bearing kit
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Not recommended for the older RL1050

Put an end to powder spillage!

This Dillon 1050 bearing kit includes a precision needle bearing and an o-ring to ensure slip free operation.  Installation of the bearing and o-ring above your shellplate will allow you to use slightly greater shellplate nut tension, preventing index jerking and spillage of powder when loading calibers like .380 ACP and 9mm Luger.  

No permanent press modifications necessary.  On a manually pulled Super 1050, the screw heads of the screws that hold the plastic tabs of the shellplate ring will make contact and limit your downstroke after installation.  You can grind the heads down to 0.050" thickness to address this, there will still be enough head left to get the wrench in.  There is no need to get them super tight anyway.

There are some versions of this kit sold by other sellers that use flat head countersunk screws, I do not recommend these as they are likely to snap your nylon tabs in half.  

On a motorized 1050, you only need to adjust your dies down lower, and then adjust the motor stroke to not bottom all the way out. 

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