Brass See Case Feeder Mirror by Ballistic Tools, Inc.

Brass See Case Feeder Mirror by Ballistic Tools, Inc.
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No more straining your neck or standing on your tip toes to see what's in your progressive press feeder. Dillon and RCBS presses place the case feeder in a high position that is difficult to see into, even with a low bench. The Brass Seeā„¢ offers a convex mirror with flexible mounting hardware that lets you easily inspect the level of remaining brass and any problems occuring in the feeder bowl, without any ladders or tip-toes involved. Multiple configuration options allow customization to fit your particular set-up. Universal fit for Dillon, RCBS, and other bowl-type feeders.

  • Adjusts to an unlimited number of positions to accommodate your particular setup and amount of clearance.
  • Convex mirror allows for full view of contents of bowl and of any jams near the gate area.
  • Works with Dillon, RCBS, and many other bowl-type feeders.
  • Does not interfere with normal feeder operation.
  • Tested on fully automatic presses for shaking and vibration performance.
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