Dillon RL550B shellplate bearing kit

Dillon RL550B shellplate bearing kit
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Please read the FAQ below and make sure you don't need to order the extra length bolt for the 550, located here.

Put an end to powder spillage!

This Dillon 550 bearing kit replaces the index sprocket with a modified sprocket that has the room required to install the shellplate bearing kit.  Run out is eliminated and this results in more consistent ammo. The bearing kit smoothes the action of the press, reducing powder spillage and increasing tactile feel while priming. Priming operation will be more consistent. (shellplate bolt not included)

Contains instruction sheet.

550 Series

Q: The sprocket is stuck on the shellplate shaft of my 550, how does it come apart?
A: Find a socket that’s big enough (3/4” should do it) to allow the shellplate bolt head to slide in. Place the sprocket/shellplate bolt upside down on the large opening of the socket and tap the bolt with a piece of wood. It should come out fairly easy.

Q: I can't keep the bearing adjusted, why doesn't it stay tight?
A: Don't forget to use the shellplate lock bolt on the left side of the ram to keep the shellplate bolt from turning.

Q: On the RL 550 B the shellplate bolt is not engaging the set screw on the left side of the press. What's the solution for locking the shellplate bolt in place?
A: When our bearing kit is added to the 550 the shellplate bolt is raised about 1/8". On some presses this is enough to prevent the set screw from locking the shellplate bolt. The solution is our extra length shellplate bolt, available for sale on our here

550 measuring

Use a machinist rule or other flexible rule to take these measurements, its really hard to use calipers for this measurement. If the set screw is .305" or less from top of the ram you probably don't need the extra length shellplate bolt. At .370" or greater from the top of the ram, the set screw will just catch the edge of the standard length bolt or miss it, the extra length shellplate bolt will fix this condition.

If the tip of the set screw is damaged, dress the tip with a fine file or emery cloth.


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