Ballistic Tools Case Lube 8 oz Spray Bottle

Ballistic Tools Case Lube 8 oz Spray Bottle
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Put an end to stuck cases with Ballistic Tools Case Lube.  Our lube is a special low-tack formula that can be used immediately with no drying time required.   A very light, evenly applied coating is all that is necessary.  Leaves a slight, non-sticky residue that can be left on cases or easily wiped or tumbled off.

  • Good for progressive reloading
  • Water soluble formula, non-flammable.
  • No drying time required.
  • Leaves only a light, non-sticky residue.
  • Spray onto cases, lube pad or use bag method.

Because our lube is non-flammable and water soluble it can ship via USPS priority mail.

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