Here is a table of the minimum and maximum primer pocket and primer dimensions. Surprisingly this data isn't too easy to find, so I have done the research for you. Dimensions in inches.
The small Swage Gage works for both small rifle and small pistol. The large Swage Gage works for both large rifle and large pistol. One side of the gauge is the "GO" side and the other is the "NO GO" side. The GO side is marked with a square groove, the NO GO side is marked with a V shaped groove.
Usually, the main thing to worry about when full length resizing rifle brass is simply setting the die to get sufficient sizing, either for your specific chamber, or to get minimum sized brass that will function in nearly any chamber. There are some situations that can arise that are unexpected, however.
Here are some Google charts that show general search trends related to reloading and firearms. It is interesting to see the universal spike during the panic in 2013.
You are probably thinking that there is no possible way the web needs yet another .223 vs 5.56 article, considering the copious number of them that are out there. The thing is most of them get at least some of the info wrong, spreading even more myths.
A reader wrote:
"We have looked at the SAAMI specs online and cannot find the specification for the diameter of the flash hole. This arises due to getting decapping pins stuck and broken. Interested in any info you folks have."
A toolhead that rattles around on a Dillon 650 is a common problem. The cast aluminum toolheads that Dillon sells are somewhat undersized compared to the slot they go into. This up and down play in the toolhead can have several detrimental effects on the consistancy of your reloads.
Military primers are crimped in, leaving a small ring of metal behind that can make seating a new primer during the reloading process more difficult, or impossible in some cases. Swaging is a process of displacing metal using a die or punch, in this case, pushing that ring of metal back to allow for easier insertion of a new primer.